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Stress Management by Connaire Kensit

Arts Richmond

Online - 18 October 2020

Stress Management by Connaire Kensit

Stress Management


('Remember to keep a cool head when things get tough')
There's a harsh dyspeptic feeling when you don't know what to do,
When both horns of a dilemma seem to gore you through and through;
That's a time to stick with logic: “Brain take charge!  Be firm and bold!”
Tell those turbulent emotions, “Sit, you dogs!  Do as you're told!”
Though adrenalin be rushing, keep them quiet and out of sight:                      
Traffic jams and loss of income can't be cured by fight or flight.
Concentrate your mind on struggles where a failure brings no harm,
Like a game of chess, or patience;  then return with less alarm
To the woeful situation — love betrayed, or loved one's death —
Calmly calculate response;  but first inhale a slow, cool breath.                        
And when stress is at its strongest be most wary of advice
Pressed by ill-informed companions who are trying to be nice;
Don't forget that you're the expert on the life and times of you.
Have no snake-oil salesman, priest or friend determine what you'll do.
Don't imagine drastic problems need recourse to drastic acts:                          
Squelch the heart's rash urgent hunches;  use your head, and check your facts.     
It's as well to leave off digging when already down a hole:
That's no time to dump your lover, quit your job or sell your soul.
To escape a sea of troubles and come safely to the shore
Calls for less of cost and effort, less complexity, not more.                                
Just stay calm and solve a crossword, clip a hedge, or bake a cake.
Then, with minimal upheaval, plot the course you plan to take.

                                                                                                          Connaire Kensit

Stress Management

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