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On a drizzly weekend trip to the Cotes d'Armor, Brittany, at a random stop at a Brocante (really a junk shop), I parted with 55 euros and became the very proud owner of an 1850's Michaud bass saxhorn in C and B flat.

The first intrepid puffs in the car (waiting longer than that was simply not an option of course) resulted in a beautiful sweet sound, albeit with some of the valves stuck down. I was hooked. I wanted to hear more of this instrument and how it would sound in an ensemble.

The idea was born to form a group using these historical brass gems, playing music from the same period and I therefore called upon my friends Jeremy West, Robert Vanryne and Sue Addison and the embryonic Queen Victoria's Consort was formed.

What started as the chance find of a single instrument has led to the formation of an ensemble of expert musicians recreating the sound of Victorian brass from instruments which were considered to have no value other than as wall ornaments.

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