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Kate Howe is an American artist and writer living in London. In her practice which includes painting, drawing, sound, film, installation, theater, sculpture, as well as social and experiential practices, she explores love, longing, loss, trauma, and the sensations of temporal warp uniquely connected to those states as inevitable parts of life which generate essential growth through the chaos of change. 

Howe works in a non-hierarchical, non-organized manner. By letting herself be consumed by her large-scale paintings, she unlocks ideas and images from her unconscious mind. Simultaneously, her work is informed by philosophy, poetry, and literature. Howe’s practice is thoroughly research-based, and her methodology is grounded in the concept of path theory and desire lines. Therefore, Howe’s research is full of the unexpected twists and turns which occur when desire dictates direction. Following this branch of path theory, Howe cuts abruptly across to recently discovered destinations, pulling threads across her painting practice and joining disparate islands of thought through the fascia of interconnected research. 

 Through an energetic play of colors, abstraction, writing and fine-drawn lines her paintings evoke the resonance of an affective experience. 

Howe’s recent work is largely inspired by JMW Turner and his expression of the sublime; in her series “Love Letters Across 172 Years with JMW Turner” the artist depicts the human being as subject to the universal laws of nature. Howe’s work is also preoccupied with the notion of identity, self-acceptance, and fluidity. Her series “What is Woman” celebrates the individual’s identity, freed of patriarchal notions of the binary. 

Kate established Kate Howe Studios, Ltd in November of 2020 in Hampton Wick, and founded RuptureXIBIT in January of 2021 in the storefront in front of her studio space as a space for artists to work out the complicated logistics of showing their work. RuptureXIBIT's purpose is to wrestle with difficult installation concepts and to give an affordable space for artists to show their work.

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