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  • Roger McGough Annual Poetry Prize 2020: Identity Announcement

    The Roger McGough poetry prize is a national poetry competition which welcomed submissions inspired by this year’s theme of identity.We are delighted to announce the finalists.

    Friday 5 March 2021 - Friday 30 April 2021
    09:30 - 12:30

    ETNA Community Centre

    TW2 2AR

    Many congratulations to the poets whose poems have been selected for the long list. Roger McGough has made his final decision, which will be revealed at a special celebratory evening due to take place later in the year, once given permission by CoVid 19!

    It has not been easy to choose the forty finalists because of the high standard of the entries. The long list below will also be printed in the April edition of our Newsletter.

    All long-listed winners will receive a free copy of the Anthology, containing the forty poems as a permanent memento.

    Commiseration to all those who failed to make the long list. Arts Richmond would still like to celebrate your entries by uploading them onto the AR Poem A Day section of our website for all our members to enjoy.  

    The poems will then be circulated more widely through different social media platforms.


    Vera Meister 'The Flamenco Dancer'

    Trevor Breedon 'Painting the Town'

    Tony Trafford 'Riding Tandem'

    Trisha Broomfield 'Voices'

    Claudia Court 'Doing Time' and 'No Wonder'

    Molly Turley 'I Don't Know Who I Am/I Know Who I am'

    SimonTindale 'Soulchord' and 'IZ UIZ?'

    Kathleen Bell 'Library Card'

    Simon Williams 'Five Guesses' and 'A Russian Woman Folds Towels'

    Janet Hatherley 'Ghazal: Through'

    Sim Smailes 'Identity Crisis'

    Ezekiel Foster-Eardley 'Identity Deficit'

    Valerie Purcell 'A Piece of Shrapnel'

    Stuart Fortey 'Love in the Electronic Age' and (Self-) Portrait 1503'

    Dorinda Ann MacDowell 'Remember Me?'

    Livvy Sutherland 'i-land'

    Roger Kirkpatrick  'Myers-Briggs 'Psychometric Test (Haiku)'

    Sue Proffitt 'The Old House'

    PatriciaCammish 'Our Cat Walked Through Their Backyard'

    David Mark  Williams 'Becoming a Statue in Commemoration of Yourself'

    Claire Collison 'The Art of Conversation'

    Lara Frankena 'By Grand Army Plaza, the Die Was Cast' and 'Mr and Mrs and Ms

    Roger Elkin 'Brad from Joe Soaps Hand Car Wash'

    Cindy Vincent 'You Don't Sound Like You're  from Essex'

    JoeWilliams 'Six Suits', 'People in Shops' and 'Introducing the Band'

    David Bleiman 'Reclaim the Name'

    Jenny Mitchell 'The Security Guard at Shopmore Says I Am A Thief'.

    Mark Totterdell '1998'

    Anne Kealy 'Taproot'

    Audrey Ardern-Jones 'Ghazal Voices'

    David Paterson 'The Earl of Oxford Outed'

    Duncan Forbes 'Self Knowledge'

    David Pratt 'Bernard'

    You can also purchase copies of last year's anthology here.