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  • Launch of the Poetry Anthology -'Time'

    In association with The Richmond Shakespeare Society

    Saturday 29 June 2019 - Saturday 29 June 2019

    Mary Wallace Theatre

    TW1 3DU

    Come and hear the successful poets from the Roger McGough poetry competition read their poems at the Mary Wallace Theatre on

     Saturday 29th June. 8pm

    MC for the evening is Ian Lee Dolphin.

    Venue: The Mary Wallace Theatre, Twickenham Embankment

    Ticket prices: £12 including a copy of the Time Anthology (non-members) £10 for members of Arts Richmond

    Additional copies will be available for sale

    Book online www Box Office 07484 927 662.

    Book early to avoid disappointment – Poetry Anthology Launch                       Saturday 29th June 2019.


    The final 40 poems will be published in the Anthology - the list is below.

    Kathryn Ratzko  - A Protestant Man

    Vicki Naylor  - Another Time

    Patrick Osada  - At Seventeen

    Thomas McColl  - Breaking the Clock

    Bridget Sebastian  - Cadaques

    Mary Gilonne  - Currency of the Time

    Jenny Martin  - Disaster in Silence (Winner)

    Jenny Martin  - Doing Time (Commended)

    Ian Williams  - Emotional Aerobics

    Nigel Pearce  - Familiarity

    Lakshya Ravikumar  - Father Balancing On a Dial

    Jenny Martin  - Fixing the Clock

    Nigel Pearce  - Images of Elasticity in Time (Commended)

    Heather Montford  - No Golden Glory

    Patrick Osada  - Of the Moment

    Keith Wait  - Palindromic Metaphysics

    Derek Sellen  - Personifications of Time (2nd Prize)

    Glen Wilson  - Pin Cushions

    Anna Coutts  - Reflections and Time Passing

    Simon Tindale  - Simon Must Be in Bed By Eight

    Mike Doherty  - Start Me Up

    Em Power  - stopwatch

    Roger Kirkpatrick  - Summer of '61 (Commended)

    Patricia Cammish  - Temple Steps Udaipur (Commended)

    Lara Frankena  - The Occcupied House

    David Hornsby  - The Oldest Man Alive (Commended)

    Mary Gilonne  - The Premature Paternity of a Pumpkin Picker

    Ian Williams  - The Spoon in The Bathroom

    Heather Moulson  - The Summers of Hate

    Vera Meister  - Three Women 

    Valerie Purcell  - Time Again (3rd Prize)

    Mary Gilonne  - Time Out

    Katherine Cleave  - Timeline

    Alice Jacobs  - Tread

    Luis Ouriach  - Two Iced Lattes

    Claudia Court  - Up Against It

    Andrew Illsley  - Yesterday