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Dawn Over The Chateau by Pat Cammish 

Arts Richmond

Online - 01 July 2020

Dawn Over The Chateau by Pat Cammish 

Dawn Over The Chateau


Rose dawning crawls o'er the crest of the valley.

 Warm fingers gild all the landscape below,

 Framing stark bones of the cold, ancient fortress,

Where the crumbling black ramparts are now all aglow.


Moat water flakes o'er the rim of the basin,

Thick silver drapes on the green pool below

Stirring pink foam in the dark pool created, 

And the sound of its falling, is a sound that I know.


The sound that continues throughout a lifetime

Whisp'ring its beat to the village below

Whilst souls, long dead, throng the halls of the castle.

 And  they're listening still to  the stream's endless flow.


Pat Cammish   January 2017

Poem for the Day Dawn Over The Chateau

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