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The Cat in the Hat by Dr Seuss, adapted by Katie Mitchell

Rose Theatre Kingston

Rose Theatre, Kingston - 21 April 2019

The Cat in the Hat   by Dr Seuss, adapted by Katie Mitchell

The Cat in the Hat

by Dr Seuss, adapted by Katie Mitchell

Curve and RTK Productions at The Rose Theatre, Kingston

A review by Mark Aspen

Zip, zap, zing !  Here’s a show with go: slow, no; a show with go!   Pulsating rhythms propel The Cat in the Hat, a show bursting with energy and gushing with fun.  Don’t sit still: there’s audience interaction, which the Rose audience of excited children of all ages did not hold back on.  But, whether you are seven or seventy, don’t try this at home!


Boy and his older sister Sally have been left at home.  It’s raining; they can’t go out to play; they are borrrrred.   Mischief rears its head.  Out come the giant water pistols.   Of course on press night a lot of water is aimed towards the ranks of critics with their open notebooks (but it won’t water down our reviews).  

The sense of magic hangs in the air, but I did mention mischief rearing its head, but now mischief personified knocks on the door.  It is the eponymous Cat, suave, urbane, seductive, with a Sir Jasper-ish sniff of danger about him.  He wears The Hat, a floppy barber’s pole of a stovepipe topper.  Sally and Boy let him in. 

Cat summarises his philosophy in song, “It’s fun to have fun but you have to know how”.  Nana Amoo-Gottfried is a magnificent Cat: he has the character spot on, down to a whisker, sings and dances with a feline agility, and is a great equilibrist with tricks that must need nine lives to rehearse.   Cat’s antics culminate in his standing on a rolling knee-high ball whilst balancing a dozen items on his extremities, paws, feet, The Hat, and tail. However, Cat’s modesty is not constrained, “Look at me! Look at me! Look at me now!” he sings.  But, as they say, pride comes before a fall …

Read Mark Aspen’s review at www.markaspen.com/2019/04/11/cat-hat

Photography by Manuel Harlan


Zinging with Zaniness

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