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Ellie and Starlight - the Musical by Sarah Watson, adapted by Ken Mason, music by William Morris.

Dramacube Productions

Hampton Hill Theatre - 06 April 2019

Ellie and Starlight - the Musical  by Sarah Watson, adapted by Ken Mason, music by William Morris.

Review by Celia Bard


Stepping into Hampton Hill Theatre this morning where most of audience were under five was a heart-warming experience, a beautiful children's show with an important message about caring for our planet.


The modest but very effective Icelandic setting with its large glacier dominating the fishing village, and gentle, calm music being played in the background immediately grabbed the attention of this young audience as they entered the theatre, transporting them into the world of Ellie and her ‘imaginary’ friend, Starlight.  This young audience sat in their seats absorbing the play content as if they were in a dream - not a cough, not a cry, not a shout.  The message in this musical is no dream, it is extremely relevant and hard-hitting. The techniques employed by the entire cast, actors, director, writers, composer succeeded in relaying the dangers of global warning through different channels of communication. 

The tale told is that of an enthusiastic, thoughtful, and observant little Yupik Eskimo girl called Ellie, and her best friend, Starlight, a delightfully humorous but insightful polar bear.  One day Ellie notices that something very strange is happening to her Eskimo tree house.  There are less steps to climb and, as she attempts to uncover the mystery, the problem worsens and her pleas for help go unnoticed by her mother.  The resourceful Starlight advises her to seek the help of an old wise woman who lives the other side of the glacier.  This journey is not without peril and Ellie encounters a number of dangers as she embarks on this quest to save her Village. 

Read Celia Bard’s full review at www.markaspen.com/2019/04/05/ellie-star

Photography by Stephen Leslie

Caring for Each Other Ellie and Starlight - the M

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