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Things I Know to Be True by Andrew Bovell

Wild Duck Theatre

OSO Arts Centre - 27 November 2018

Things I Know to Be True   by Andrew Bovell

Joyful, Painful, Honest


Things I Know to Be True


by Andrew Bovell


Wild Duck Theatre at OSO, Barnes until 24th November


Review by Georgia Renwick


Has there, or can there ever be such a thing as a 'normal', quiet family life?  Andrew Bovell's 2016 Australian-British play tears right to the heart of the family unit in this drama, set in the suburbs of Adelaide, brought to life by the Wild Duck company, in searing, tear-jerking style.


The play opens with the youngest of four children returning with a broken heart from her gap-year travels in Europe.  Mum quickly assembles her brood of grown-up children to welcome her home, but before Dad has even handed round the cups of tea, the bickering has already started and the excuses pour out.  "Oh, I can't stay...”  One by one they return to their lives leaving an incomplete family picture.  What happens when Mum and Dad are left behind?  


Wild Duck has brought to the OSO stage a topical, relevant naturalistic drama peppered with sections of choreographed movement, devised by the company.  Wild Duck is deservedly garnering a reputation for presenting bold, intelligent, contemporary work. 


Having its UK premiere at the Lyric, Hammersmith only this year, Things I Know to be True is hot off the press, a play of such startling honesty it is by turns joyful and painfully uncomfortable watch; at once heart-achingly tender, and biting.  The battle of generational difference is fought over the big stuff: gender roles, love, money and social lass, comically punctuated with instantly recognisable family micro-dramas …


Read Georgia Renwick’s full review at https://markaspen.wordpress.com/2018/11/22/tiktbt


Photography by Marc Pearce Photos



Things I Know to Be True by Andrew Bovell Wild

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