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Echoes of the War by J.M.Barrie

Teddington Theatre Club

Hampton Hill Theatre - 21 November 2018

Echoes of the War  by J.M.Barrie

Poignant Gems


Echoes of the War


by J.M.Barrie


TTC at Hampton Hill Theatre until 17th November


Review by Didie Bucknall


Echoes of the War is the title for four one-act plays by J.M.Barrie.  As is well known, Barrie left the proceeds of his Peter Pan to Great Ormond Street Hospital but other works are less well known today.  He moved in aristocratic circles so it is surprising that the first of TTC’s double bill was about charladies, as in those First World War days he would have had little experience how the other half lived.


In The Old Lady Shows Her Medals, three strong experienced actors Sue Bell, Liz Salaman and Mandy Stenhouse play Mrs Dowie, Mrs Tully and Mrs Haggerty, who are having a trifle over-the-top competition as to which of their sons was the bravest and most dutiful.  Then, Mrs Dowie’s son arrives unexpectedly!  This little gem of a play begins with smiles and laughter, but ends with sadness and the audience leave for the interval with lumps in their throats.


In the second play, A Well Remembered Voice, Grace Don (Mandy Stenhouse), a grieving bereaved mother, is trying to communicate with her dead son, Dick, by means of a séance.  A short-circuiting lightbulb spells out a strange message, which doesn’t make sense to the ladies present.  But when they retire, her husband, Robert (Andy Hewitt) is visited by Dick, fresh faced in his cricket whites.  They have a very tender exchange in a lovely performance by both men … …


Read Didie Bucknall’s full review at www.markaspen.wordpress.com/2018/11/15/echoes


Photography by Sarah J Carter




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