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Star of Strait Street by Philip Glassborow

OSO Arts Centre

OSO Arts Centre - 21 November 2018

Star of Strait Street  by Philip Glassborow

Small Island, Big Heart


Star of Strait Street


by Philip Glassborow


Morning Star, OSO Arts Centre, Barnes until 14th November


Review by Eleanor Lewis


In Valetta in Malta is a plaque quoting George VI’s letter awarding the George Cross to the island.  It attracts tourists who naturally admire it, but probably have little concept of the personal sacrifices made by so many individuals who together made Malta’s resistance to the German onslaught of World War Two as strong as it was.  The Star of Strait Street is the story of one woman’s contribution to Malta’s glorious war effort.


Strait Street today is home to some of the less touristy cafes and to shops selling jewellery and beautifully worked filigree silver.  Back in the forties, service personnel made their way to the Morning Star nightclub there, where the singing and dancing skills of Christina Ratcliffe and her concert party, the Whizz Bangs, took their minds off war for a while.  Polly March and Larissa Bonaci play Christina: March as she was in the ‘70s and Bonaci as her younger self.


Based on the true story of the entertainer Christina Ratcliffe and the love of her life, Adrian ‘Six Medals’ Warburton, the RAF’s most decorated photo-reconnaissance pilot, Star of Strait Street is a new musical.  Like Malta, it’s small but striking in the atmosphere it creates.  … …


Read Eleanor Lewis’ full review at www.markaspen.wordpress.com/2018/11/14/strait-st


Photography by E-P

Morning Star, OSO Arts Centre, Barnes until 14th N

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