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A Winter’s Tale by Howard Goodall, based on the play by William Shakespeare

Rose Theatre Kingston

Rose Theatre, Kingston - 02 September 2018

A Winter’s Tale   by Howard Goodall, based on the play by William Shakespeare

A West-End Worthy Winter!


A Winter’s Tale


by Howard Goodall, based on the play by William Shakespeare


Youth Music Theatre UK at The Rose Theatre, Kingston until 2nd September


Review by Viola Selby


When watching previous adaptations of Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale, I often notice how the director has focused fully either on the lighter and more romantic side or the darker more tyrannical side of the story. However, in this fantastic production, Bronagh Lagan, the director, and Nick Stimson, the playwright, have effortlessly managed to create a dramatic contrast between the two genres; emphasising the feeling of conflict throughout. This, in turn, has made a four hundred year old play extremely relatable and entertaining to today’s audience.


This same tremendous level of talent is also brought in by the whole cast, through their brilliantly timed responses, use of body language and sensational singing abilities. Will Hopkins and Will Mckee are flawless in their depiction of two tyrannical rulers, Leon and Ozan, who were once best friends but soon become arch-enemies. They create characters of such substance and realism far beyond their years, which have the audience gripping the edge of their seats. Their interactions and character growth made even better by the brilliantly emotional acting of Charlotte Howgego, later Lotte Pearl, as Leon’s wrongfully accused wife Veronika. Whilst Rory MacNeilage ensures that there could be no one more perfect to play the sly and evil Naryshkin, right-hand-man to Leon and perpetrator of Veronika’s demise. MacNeilage brings such an effortless aura of class and evilness to the play that he strongly reminds me of a young Dr No.


However, although based around a play, Howard Goodall has managed to create a musical masterpiece, with songs and music that truly depict the inner monologue and feeling within each character and help create the atmosphere of each scene.


A West End worthy Winter’s Tale that will warm your heart!


Read Viola Selby’s full review at www.markaspen.wordpress.com/2018/08/31/winters-tale-musical


Photography by YMT

A Winter’s Tale by Howard Goodall, based on th

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