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Diana Dors, Her Story

Blue Fire Theatre Co.

Hampton Hill Theatre - 08 September 2018

Diana Dors, Her Story

Sex, Success and Sadness


Diana Dors, Her Story


Blue Fire Theatre at Hampton Hill Theatre, until 8th September


Review by Mark Aspen


To the teenage schoolboy of the early 1960’s, Diana Dors was the snigger behind the bicycle sheds, the stuff of dreams, the sort of dreams that you didn’t tell mum about.   The epithet blonde bombshell could have been hand-made for Diana Dors, but the effect of the bombshell was largely incendiary, firing up not only the school boys’ testosterone, but the printing presses of Fleet Street’s more inquisitive popular red-tops, and the indignation of multitudinous moral makers.


Diana Dors, Her Story is told by Mandy Winters in her feisty one-woman show that tells of the wit, the openness and the real talent of a woman fighting her way in a world of tough, and often unscrupulous men.   As Dors, Mandy Winters simply becomes the Diana Dors, candidly revealing the story of the life of a woman morally compromised by her circumstances, but resilient, and above all one with a true and generous warmth of character. 


Presented as a cabaret revue, Winter’s sparkling musical show at the Noel Coward Studio in the Hampton Hill theatre, was a great fun evening.  The audience, seated café-theatre style, were immediately drawn into the mood, and my how she could work that audience! 


Having been introduced by her “minder”, the agenda was firmly on our candle-lit tables, with Diana’s frank admission that “I based my career on sex: on men, sex and money, in that order”.  The story of that career was told through Diana’s songs, and here Winter really hit the button, her rich mezzo is so creamy, you could pour it out. 


The many songs, sung with vibrancy and verve (the Cole Porter standard Just One of Those Things was one of many that stood out for me), were the milestones in the story of Diana’s life, told with intimacy …  It was not for nothing that Marilyn Monroe was described as America’s Diana Dors (or was it the other way round?)


Read Mark Aspen’s full review at https://markaspen.wordpress.com/2018/09/11/diana-dors/


Photography courtesy of Tarts on Tour

Diana Dors, Her Story Blue Fire Theatre at Hampto

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