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Small professional theatre in the round in Richmond which has had a rich history since it began above the Orange Tree Pub with a lunchtime production on 31 December 1971. Known then as the Richmond Fringe Theatre group, the first performance attracted so many people it had to be repeated that same day to accommodate the crowd! Forty + years on, the theatre is a highly-regarded local and national treasure, often referred to as 'a pocket-sized National Theatre'.

Whether you're 40, 20, 100 or anything in between go to: to see what's on and plan your visit. There are many one night events as well as the events on the right.

We were very sad to learn of the death of our Patron Lord Attenborough Here are statements from Artistic Director Paul Miller, and former Artistic Director Sam Walters:

Sam Walters, Artistic Director of the Orange Tree from 1971 – June 2014 said: “The death of Richard Attenborough is of course a loss that goes way beyond the community of Richmond upon Thames, where he lived, and the small Orange Tree Theatre for which he, and his wife Sheila, did so much. His death is a loss to all who were privileged to know him and indeed a loss to the world.

When in 1988 Richard and Sheila agreed to give their support to the building of the new Orange Tree Theatre we knew we had gained the most important figure heads for our cause. What we had not anticipated was that we had as well gained true and loyal friends whose sheer hard work, energy and commitment was quite remarkable. The time they devoted in their hugely busy lives to supporting the theatre and raising the necessary funds was enormous - to say nothing of their considerable personal generosity. We could not have done it without them and they made it fun too.

The Orange Tree Theatre will remain endlessly indebted to Richard and Sheila for their unconditional support over so many years. Unlike many an Englishman, Richard wore his heart on his sleeve and his care, concern and enthusiasm were there for all to see. And I loved him for it.”

Current Artistic Director Paul Miller, who took over in July 2014 said: “Richard Attenborough, alongside Lady Attenborough, was an inspirational patron of the Orange Tree Theatre for over 25 years, crucially guiding the theatre though its move to new premises in 1991. Ours was, of course, only one of countless charities and endeavours that he supported but had the knack of making us believe we were as important as any of them - a real gift. The people of Richmond will long remember this particular contribution to our culture alongside his many other achievements as an actor, director and producer. We owe him an enormous debt of gratitude. Our thoughts are with his family.”

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