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That we can use our voice to feel free and relax or to get energised,
that we can use it singing in group to celebrate, to mourn, to feel a
sense of belonging and connection and with others, that your voice is an
unique expression of your being… isn’t it magical?

Voice Magic delivers voice workshops designed to support people who are used to singing and also who are not
familiar with singing, liberating tensions and liberating the voice in
an spontaneous and natural way. Understanding that the whole body is
our instrument when we sing, we can gain awareness in how we use our
voice and our body and use this as a way for self transformation.

can be varied, from traditional songs until creating our own song, and
vocal improvisation, as well as movement. Chanting and meditative
singing are also an important part of the singing session.

Many of the activities can also be found at our local meetup group "Mindful Singing in Richmond and Kingston"


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