Resident artist show at Brentford Gallery and Studios Johnson's island

22 Nov 2019 - 27 Oct 2019
Friday 6-9, Sat & Sun 11-6
Brentford Gallery

A rare chance to visit Johnson's Island, a small artists community in Brentford which open their studios twice a year using both the Purpose built gallery as well as inviting you into their studios.  The island has a delightful  feel of  a long gone  Rustic Idyll,  6 traditional buildings made using reclaimed materials which have recently been added  to the Conservation Area for Brentford. there are 22 artists on the island including: A hat maker; Globe maker; Mosaic artist ; Ceramist; Collage artist ; Guitar maker and numerous painters from detailed realist to abstraction.  Look out for the local herons, and if you see a bright blue neon flash ..... you just missed the kingfisher.

Presented by Brentford Gallery & Artists Studios

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