Beyond Landscape: Deborah Burnstone & Alison Lumb

13 Nov 2019 - 24 Nov 2019
12:00 pm
12 - 5pm Wednesdays to Sundays
One Paved Court

Includes artists’ talk: 23 November,  2.30pm. No need to book.

Featuring paintings, prints and video, this two-woman show explores the resonance of urban, edgeland and coastal places and reveals landscape to be as much a psychological and cultural space as a physical location.

Alison Lumb is interested in how certain places and situations enable us to enter a state in which the world and time are held in suspension, and we slip loose from our conscious sense of self and identity. Her prints and paintings feature a range of liminal subjects such as train journeys and people at play, in public spaces and lost in contemplation.

She often combines printmaking and painting. Her hybrid prints can involve screen print, monoprint and digital printmaking. She feels that this layered way of working suits the way we encounter the world: filtered through other media, our cultures, and our personal life experience.

Deborah Burnstone explores places at the edges of human settlement – stretches of road at night, landscapes at dusk, the coast, the riverbank. In her paintings and videos people gaze out to sea and wander the landscape. ‘At these places there’s a gap in our day-to-day world and we sense something beyond us,’ she says. In her paintings Deborah searches for a simple painterly way of expressing this experience. Her videos interweave sound, voice, stories, time and place and are made from spontaneous encounters with people and place.


Presented by One Paved Court

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