SMDG at Garrick's Temple : Springing the Mine

8 Jun 2019
3:00 pm
Duration around an hour
Garrick's Temple to Shakespeare
TW12 2EN

SMDG (St Mary's Drama Group) returns to Garrick's Temple for its Seventeenth annual performance!  Author Keith Wait again lifts the curtain on the versatility of Hampton’s most famous past celebrity.

Unfortunately 'Sybil' as planned has been cancelled but replaced by 'Springing the Mine'  This production Celebrates 250 years since Garrick's Shakespeare Jubilee of 1769.


David Garrick is renowned as a shrewd manager of the theatre, a producer of acclaimed plays, and, of course as a performer without parallel who brought a new realism to the art of acting which propelled him to become the 18th century’s greatest actor.

However, Garrick is less well known as a playwright, one inspired of course by his muse, William Shakespeare.  Springing the Mine explores how Garrick’s acting skills informed his writing of some priceless pieces of drama, including some very entertaining comedies.

2019 marks 250 years since Garrick produced the Shakespeare Jubilee in Stratford-upon-Avon, a three day pageant celebrating England’s greatest playwright.  Although of mixed success, it launched the enduring concept of “Bardolatry”.

So how much of Garrick playwriting was an homage to The Bard, and how much was pure Garrick?  The answer may be unearthed, with other treasures, in our Springing the Mine.

Admission Free. Donations to Garrick Temple Fund would be appreciated.

Refreshments will be available.

Presented by St Mary's Drama Group

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