Bach's B minor mass

16 Mar 2019 - 16 Mar 2019
7:30 pm
All Saints Weston
KT10 8JL

The joyful, mighty Mass in B minor represents both the summit and summary of JS Bach’s choral writing, a work cherished today by choirs and audiences the world over. Though we don’t know Bach’s ultimate intention for the piece, it is clear that he himself valued it as amongst his finest work, and some passages were amongst the very last that he completed as he fought against his failing health. Full of sizzling, ebullient choral dances, solo movements that are both plangent and virtuosic, fiery fugues, modern harmonies and grave, old-style polyphony, it is easy to see why the appeal of this work endures and gathers more and more ardent admirers.

The Ripieno Choir are once again delighted to team up with the Monteverdi String Band, and an all-star cast of virtuoso soloists, for what promises to be a monument to Bach’s great achievement and an unforgettable evening:
Faye Newton
Philippa Hyde
Annie Gill
Greg Tassell
Julian Empett

Presented by The Ripieno Choir

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