Lilies on the Land

3 Mar 2019 - 9 Mar 2019
7:45 pm
4.00 pm on Sun 3 Mar, all other performances 7.45 pm
Hampton Hill Theatre
Hampton Hill
TW12 1NY

Lilies on the Land by The Lions part.

Directed by Linda Sirker

God speed the plough and the woman who drives it.

You had to be there to know. We lived it. The Forgotten Army. I'd do it all again.

To mark 80 years since the formation of the Women’s Land Army, Lilies on the Land charts the personal journeys of four women who sign up during World War II.  All are determined to work endless back-breaking hours on farms across the country in a bid to do their best for the war effort.

Presented by Teddington Theatre Club

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